Senate gathered members of the international anti-drug rally lead by the President of the Senate judiciary, Chuck Grassley (R-IA) morning for a meeting under the title “Is the Department of Justice to protect the public adequately of the influence of marijuana recreational state rationing?”
Among the invited participants at today’s meeting member of the Advisory Board of the National Anti-marijuana and Nebraska Attorney General, who has sought to overturn laws regulation of marijuana in Colorado before filing a lawsuit before the Supreme Court? Clearly, not Senator Grassley and Co-Chair, Senator Feinstein (D-CA) does not meet the House of Representatives to discuss how advances in marijuana policy reform forward, but backwards.
It seemed hearing, Senator Grassley, and to a large extent, to be the effort to try and shame the Ministry of Justice to take the necessary measures to abolish regulatory laws of the countries that currently regulate the production of marijuana and sale procedures. Speakers presented a list of alleged dangers that they claimed to be a result of changes in the marijuana laws, such as the nails are supposed to use teenagers and traffic collisions.

There was, however, shed light on one of the marijuana reformers in today’s session. When asked the witness Benjamin B. Wagner, US Attorney for the Eastern District of California, Sacramento, California Senator Grassley why the Ministry of Justice does not defy the laws of the state adult marijuana use, he replied: “The decision to intervene will not only depend on the data. If we took out the organization of the market and the decriminalization left just, it may leave the system more chaotic than it is now. ”

By contrast, the premier event came to say in the hearing of Senator Jeff Sessions Session, who spoke longingly about a decade “Just Say No”, and claimed that ” people do not smoke marijuana.”
The tone of the hearing, while unpredictable, and although it has been disappointing. This is because CARERS law and legislation bipartisan to promote the state medical marijuana protection level, is still pending before the US Judiciary Committee, chaired by Senator Grassley. Up to now, he has pledged senator does not hear the bill, despite the fact that medical marijuana legalization is supported by 80 percent of its citizens and an estimated 78 percent of voters nationwide.

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