City of Vancouver wants all medical marijuana dispensaries that are not involved in the new organizational chart to close its doors by April 29, but critics say that history poses problems.

“There are a lot of our members, the board of the meetings difference it is not until May, June, July or” President of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Jimmy Choo Straight of Georgia. “They are struggling now. They are trying to do everything they can to comply with everything. But at the same time, they have a BOV (board of variance) Board of inspections scheduled for dates after the supposed to be closed.”

Vancouver city hall received 176 applications for clinics, medical marijuana, but has been approved only six, with 17 others under review, which is likely to be approved.

It has applied to the Board contrast to plead their cases to get special permission to remain open – many clinics that do not meet the new regulatory requirements – such as being more than 300 meters of a school or park.
Shaw said many of these clinics will have to keep paying rent, payroll, and other costs associated with managing the companies for several months after the city wants closed.

Andrea Thomas, director of the Vancouver licensing and use of property inspections, according to the Straight, “admitted will leave some companies in limbo. She said this means storefronts that do not continue to sell the last of marijuana deadline April 29 will not necessarily police see Vancouver charging through doors on the morning of 30 April .”

“That depends on the relationship that had been established with us over the last couple of months,” she said. “It’s based on the information we have so far, in terms of what kind of process that are running.”
Also it faces clinics medical marijuana in Chilliwack and Abbotsford currently closer threats.

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