Although there are only a handful of states operating markets completely legal cannabis in the United States, which appears to be undermining the financial base of the Mexican drug cartels. Indeed, while Uncle Sam has remained a disastrous plan four decades of intent to sabotage the efforts of smuggling rise from the nation’s south, a new report by the Border Patrol US it reveals that legalization efforts level state here in the Land of Liberty have been a serious decline in Mexican exports of container.

A recent analysis by the Washington Post indicates that Border Patrol agents seized marijuana least along the border with Mexico in 2015 than they have in nearly a decade. The latest data show that while the officers beat a pinnacle in 2009, get your hands on about 4 million pounds of weeds, which only seized more than 1.5 million pounds last year.

As Christopher Ingraham noted in his dissection of the data, the pot seizures decreasing along the border with Mexico cosigns a series of stories that have emerged in recent years suggest that cannabis industry United States, despite its lack of national circumference, it has created many difficulties for Mexican producers. Perhaps the most publicized of this happening is one that originally aired on NPR’s All Things Considered again in 2014 when a farmer told the news source that “if the US continues to legalize pot, account us they will run on the ground. ”
Of course, anyone who grew weed brick Mexico and later to the styles of growing traffic legal cannabis was delivered in the United States understands that this lack of public interest in the pot products cartel has much to do with the quality. smokers of US marijuana prefer American marijuana grown in the country of Mexico cultivated marijuana,” because the power of the grass is much higher.

The DEA confirmed this in its National Threat Assessment Drug 2015, indicating that despite the cartels in Mexico are working to create a better marijuana than have been distributed in the past, Americans still perceive root comes from across the border to be “less” than what is sold in places like California and Colorado.
Perhaps the most important aspect of the latest data from the Border Patrol US is supporting the theory that by allowing marijuana to be taxed and regulated in the United States, the federal government could end the Mexican distribution demand for foreign weed pot simply cease to exist.

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