If you have a vaporizer and you are looking for a great strain that works well for it, then Tangerine Dream is going to be the top choice for you. This strain is sativa dominant hybrid between G-13 and Neville’s A5 Haze. Then, to intensify the flavor and effects, this plant result is crossed again with G-13, which ultimately then results in Tangerine Dream. After all of the crossing and crossing again, you get a strain that can give you relaxation with a bit of alertness in your brain. It is also known to have sometimes as high as 25% THC.

Just like its name, this hybrid strain has quite a tangy, citrusy, and sweet flavor. Because of its genetics, it gives a very intense high that will help you feel the effects almost right away, but it keeps your clarity which enables you to go about your business and your life throughout the day, and doesn’t make you feel extremely lazy. It’s best to be used in the morning or early afternoon since it does have a more uplifting and euphoric profile.

Growing Tangerine Dream takes a bit of time, as they have a longer flowering period than other strains. But this strain is great to grow indoors because the stalks are quite squat and they do not grow to be over three feet tall. This allows for better cultivation in an indoor garden. Because of its nature, it is even used in many other hybrid strains. It has even earned itself a few awards, like the 2010 Cannabis Cup, thanks to its effects and its profile.

One of the best things about this strain is that it really does help with many medical problems, but especially those that suffer from chronic pain or anxiety. Because it is known for giving the user a slightly euphoric high, it has also done wonders for patients that suffer from depression. For people who may suffer from social anxiety, Tangerine Dream really is a dream for helping to loosen them up around larger groups of people and allowing them to get out without having a panic attack. Sufferers of pain have reported that it allows them to get through their day because their brain is still alert and active, but it has essentially numbed their pain. Anyone looking for relief from a number of situations could truly benefit from this strain of cannabis.

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