Everyone wants to know what the strongest strains of bad herbs on Earth are. And each year new varieties of cannabis with THC levels whopping make the list. It’s hard to keep up with the best and highest THC tension and all changes and trends around all those high THC strains. So we decided to take a look at the “strongest weed” most popular lists on the web and compile our own top 5 world’s strongest weed (so far) list for 2016. If you like only the most powerful weeds, brush with the rising levels of THC, then sit back, relax and enjoy.

Strongest weed defined

The strongest strains of weeds are those with the highest levels of THC. Duh. For an introduction to the THC in the undergrowth, check out our post, what is THC. So obviously this stronger marijuana list is all about grass with higher content of THC. So we are only including only the strongest strains not the tastiest or more stinky weeds. And so you know, in general terms, and weeds exceeds 20 percent THC could be considered potentially powerful and weeds considered one of the strongest available.

As well The fact that a particular strain has been considered the strongest, like Bruce Banner strain weeds, does not mean it is. We all know that Bruce Banner is powerful hella weed. So let’s flower grower strain A Bruce Banner and is tested at 22 percent THC. And B also flower grower the exact same strain Bruce Banner, but the clocks at 15% THC. Both grew up the exact same cut is so , why is there so much difference? So many things could attribute the difference in levels of THC, including environmental conditions, cultivation techniques and genetic phenotypes. However, even with this variability, there are no weeds as the star of death strain or strain of white fire that tend to express higher levels of THC to begin with, thanks to strong genetics and selective breeding.

THC levels keep climbing

Certain varieties of cannabis are known to produce high levels of THC and CBD. As mentioned, Bruce Banner strain and the strain Star death just two. Those are the kinds of varieties of cannabis are often used in breeding projects. However, along with finding high levels of THC growers also consider things like resistance and flavor when the gene is created. Anyway the point is that the strongest strain of weed is created by chance. These strains were manufactured hand-collected. Picking pot with the highest levels of THC is selective breeding and complementary strains is what this is all about. This has resulted in a new era of high THC cannabis loaded. In fact , many of the strains of bad herbs stronger today did not exist a few years ago. We can only imagine the levels of THC in the undergrowth of the future.

Top 5 strongest weed strains

So let’s dive into some of the strongest weeds on Earth so far. To complete this list we rely on several websites, including High Times Cannabis Culture, Leafly and many others.

Bruce Banner strain

Bruce Banner weed named Hulk alter ego. High Times crowned the strongest weed strain 2014 after his victory in the 2013 Cannabis Cup Denver. Since then strain Bruce Banner has been considered one of the strongest strains of bad herbs on Earth. Bruce Banner weed is a product of the OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel and according to Bruce Banner weeds Leafly offers a dizzying euphoria anchor punch your body into deep relaxation. It sounds impressive, right?

Death Star strain

The threat of death of the star is out of this world. It is a very tasty and super beautiful combination of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel. Typically clocks weed Death Star in THC levels between 20 and 25 percent. It is strange to consider Death Star weed some of the strongest weeds on Earth with its galactic name. So let’s officially consider Death Star weed some of the most potent weed in the known universe.

White Fire OG

White Fire strain is named after the huge amount of resin covered bud. We are talking about the Academy of Motion Pictures levels of whiteness. Sometimes called white or black Fire OG, this strain typically contains THC level tests between 20 and 28 percent-day which is like the highest THC content we’ve seen so far. That’s why we have to go on record as state OG White Fire is probably the strongest strain of weeds available at this time. Prove us wrong?

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is not only one of the highest THC strains available smells and tastes like a bushel of fresh strawberries. According to the strain Leafly Strawberry Cough has such a high level of THC that even the veteran will make cough more experienced. They also point out that the strain Strawberry Cough has won numerous Cannabis Cups. Anyway the story behind Strawberry Cough Kushman reveals that Kyle inherited a clone really sad mystery of a friend’s garden aspect. Using his magical abilities that grow , then resurfaced in the engine THC-sweet flavor, which now has THC levels of up to 26 percent. When grown Strawberry Cough is definitely right stoners suchlike.

Girl Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookies weed has recently become super famous. It seems that everyone from drug addicts to soccer moms are talking about the cookies strain weed today. It is not difficult to see why though. On the one hand weeds is very tasty cookie. It is also very powerful. Lately the GSC strain has been doing all lists of bad herbs stronger so it is not surprising that the powerful Cookie support make this one. Anyway Guide is powerful hella weed. According to laboratory data Steep Hill, Girl Scout Cookies usually tests upwards of 28 percent THC. That’s a lot. Even the low end of average THC weed cookies is impressive. That shit commonly watches with an impressive 17 percent THC. In case you are wondering about genetics Girl Scout cookies marijuana consists of Durban Poison crossed with OG Kush. The weed cookies Indica strain is dominant and total stoners similar things.

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