Marijuana industry sales continued in the state of Colorado to climb. In January 2016, Colorado has sold products worth of marijuana (both recreational and medicinal) almost $ 88 million. This number rose in February to more than $ 92 million in sales. If these current trends continue, the Colorado easily the highest score of billion dollars in 2016. Given that sales should continue to rise throughout the year, and I do not think it will be a problem at all to break that mark.
The February sales in Colorado year are much higher during the year.
Cannabis Colorado stores sold more than 58 million $ of products and pot entertainment in February, an increase of 3 percent during the period from January to jump 48 percent from February 2015 – making it the third highest month of the state of retail sales since it began in January 2014. Medical marijuana sales in February totaled $ 34 million, an increase of 7 percent from January and up 17 percent from February 2015.

In total, the stores sold $ 92700000 in Colorado marijuana and related accessories in February, making it the fifth most lucrative hashish sales month in the history of the state, according to the calculations and data Cannabist condition.
Total sales pot February, representing an increase of 35 percent from February 2015, and an increase of 5 percent from January, “which is more like a high 10-12 percent ,, all things being equal, as it was in February of two less days of January, “Roy Bingham, founder of the hemp industry data group based Bolder- BDS analysis said.
Colorado is considered the industry by many to be the best example of what should be on other countries to emulate when creating their own hemp industries. Are being created lots of jobs in the state of Colorado, generated large amounts of taxpayers’ money, and most importantly, not adults being arrested on charges of possession and consumption of cannabis administrator. This not only saves money, it also provides people from having their lives destroyed. Each state must do this!

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