The climate of Oregon is ideal for growing cannabis, with long warm summer’s little or no rain around the high desert region. This weather is perfect and it allows cultivators, wholesalers and retailers to sustain the distribution of marijuana in the state.

Marijuana can be grown legally in most households in Oregon, just as long as they do not violate a few state laws in Oregon.
A lot of strains of marijuana survive and bloom beautifully in Oregon, from the Super Lemon haze to the Afghan Kush, which ever works best for you can be grown.

Growing marijuana in Oregon is a huge business. Farmers get their clones, rooted chippings and marijuana plants sold out to medical centers in need of marijuana for their patients. Other means of selling off marijuana grown in Oregon is directly to users or very discrete wholesalers and retailers.

Since July 1, 2015 after the marijuana law was passed, homes are permitted to have as many as 4 plants per household, sparking the interest of users who would not mind growing marijuana at home for the recreational needs.

This law also gives commercial farmers the legal backing to cultivate as long as they do not infringe on the new law; this means that they will be needed licenses for their farms.

Before the laws were put in place the marijuana has been booming. The industry grew from users secretly growing marijuana in their basements, hidden abandoned lands, secret rooms, sheds and so on to a marijuana farming business which had farmers growing on very large warehouses, outdoor plots. Some farms are so big they are populated with several hundred plants, and this is done legally.

Although a lot of farms are cultivating commercially, they most likely have to sell their marijuana buds outside Oregon or to wholesale merchant. The reason being, most people who use marijuana go through the trouble of growing them themselves.
Another way to make sales growing marijuana is by selling to medical marijuana dispensaries. To qualify, you must sell top grade, well groomed and hygienic.

There are over 200 dispensaries for medical marijuana, these centers need a steady amount of marijuana for their patients for this makes it a very thriving business for those growing marijuana in Oregon.

Laws governing the commercial sale of marijuana:

During the mid-term elections in Oregon, a law was voted on, to legalize the nonmedical and personal use of marijuana in the state. This law is called measure 91, which took effect from the 1st of July, 2015.

Commercial cultivators of marijuana can now do their business without of being arrested and persecuted when the official commercial law takes effect in 2016. This is without doubt a law that will increase the tempo of an already thriving marijuana business in Oregon.

The commercial aspect of the law will be developed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission by January 2016. This law will regulate production, sale and commercialization of marijuana.

Application for licenses to grow marijuana commercially will begin in January and the licenses will be issued by the first half of 2016.

Laws governing the growing of marijuana for personal use:

According to the law, commercial marijuana cultivators cannot grow or sell marijuana commercially without a license; those who want to grow marijuana for personal use are free to do so, with each household permitted to grow a maximum of 4 plants.

This household clause covers all forms of dwelling place which includes mobile homes, apartments and so on.

Laws governing the distribution of marijuana:

Starting from July 1, 2015 it became legal for anyone about the age of 21 to offer another user up to one ounce of marijuana for personal use. No monetary value must be attached to such exchanges.

Cultivators might be affected by the new transportation laws of for interstate movement of marijuana and its derivatives. Although, this has not stopped farmers of marijuana from moving stashes of their products across state lines discreetly.
The fact that law has been improved to reduce restrictions on use and sale of marijuana, transporting across state lines is still illegal.

Planning on growing marijuana in Oregon, this is the best time to do so, and as earlier mentioned, it is very lucrative.

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